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A DUI charge is serious. If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI, contact our Jefferson County DUI Attorneys as soon as possible. Our defense team consists of a former Jefferson County Deputy District Attorney as well as Law Week Colorado’s 2012 Best DUI Lawyer. When you are facing a serious criminal charge, you need an experienced and capable attorney on your side. A DUI conviction can result in incarceration and hefty fines. By working with an attorney whose entire law practice is dedicated to defending individuals accused of DUI, drug offenses, and other criminal charges, you will have the best chance for a positive result.

Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C. is lead by Jay Tiftickjian. He is an award-winning attorney who has achieved an extremely high level of success in the courtroom. He knows the law inside and out, and he will provide you with legal advice that will give you the reassurance and confidence you need when dealing with your difficult situation. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Tiftickjian has worked on both sides of the legal system. He knows the process by which prosecutors handle DUI cases and he knows when it is appropriate to negotiate a plea bargain and when you should go to trial.

Our DUI defense team has helped more than a thousand clients in the state of Colorado fight drunk driving charges. If you were charged with DUI in Jefferson County, we can help. The best first step to take after being charged with DUI is to call a reputable DUI defense law firm as soon as possible. Upon making the call, you will be provided with advice on how to move forward. You will be advised on the appropriate steps you must take. Ignoring the situation will not cause the charges to disappear. In fact, not being proactive with the help of a Jefferson County DUI defense attorney could ultimately hurt your case.

If you were charged with DUI in Colorado, you will face charges in Colorado even if you are a resident of another state. If you ultimately end up losing your driver’s license as a result of a Jefferson County DUI, the license revocation will carry over to almost all states. Therefore, defending your rights and fighting your DUI charges is especially important. A skilled DUI defense attorney knows the specific procedures that must be followed in terms of handling the situation with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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When choosing a DUI defense attorney, select one with a positive reputation. Find someone who has a proven track record for helping clients maneuver difficult circumstances and complicated charges. Many clients of Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C. have experienced reduced sentences and not-guilty verdicts as a result of the dedication and perseverance of the attorneys at the firm.

There are never two cases that are exactly the same. Every person charged with a Jefferson County DUI had unique conditions at the time of their arrest. It is the job of Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C. to determine the facts of your case and to fight for your rights. If you were charged with DUI, do not delay in calling us. Upon receiving your call we will immediately start formulating defense strategies specific to your case. The firm’s phone number is (303) 384-5280. If you prefer, you may send us an e-mail through our website. Your initial consultation is free.

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